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Our Mission

La Salle is a historic city that maintains high standards of living for its residents while promoting growth within the city borders through efficient and steadfast governance. To accomplish this mission La Salle aims to provide a clean and safe environment for families, a healthy economic structure, and multiple opportunities for future development.

Our Values

This city will accept any and all responsibility for the governing decisions and actions made in fairness and cost-effectiveness for the benefit of the community

Open communication will be a key factor in our relationship with the public while accepting productive feedback to learn by and grow together.

We will value the historic environment of our city while encouraging economic growth and stability in all markets.

Through our trusted officials and volunteers will promote education, safety, and enforcement to protect lives and property for the sake of productivity, commerce, and most of all happiness.
Last but not least, we will not take for granted the trust our community puts in the leadership of La Salle to maintain these values and meet the goals they set for the health and happiness of our friends, families, and neighbors.