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"Electric Vehicles - Up Close and Personal" at La Salle Library

La Salle Public Library
Saturday, October 19, 2019

On Saturday, October 19th at 2:00 p.m., the La Salle Public Library will host volunteers from Chicago for Electric Vehicles, when they present "Electric Vehicles - Up Close and Personal." 

In this unique and interesting presentation, learn about the basics of electric vehicles from real owners' perspectives and the personal and environmental benefits of switching to electric cars.   After the presentation, the audience can tour an electric car. 

Chicago For Electric Vehicles is a group of plug-in-electric vehicle owner from the Chicagoland area that are brand-neutral and volunteer run.  Their mission is to spread awareness of electric vehicles and advocate for policies that increase EV adoption across the city, suburbs, and the state. 

This program is free, open to the public.  The La Salle Library is located at 305 Marquette Street, La Salle and is ADA compliant and welcoming.   For more information, contact the Library at 815-223-2341.