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Election, April 2, 2019

City of La Salle
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

On April 2, 2019, voters in the City of La Salle will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum question related to the position of City Clerk.  The Public Question will appear on the ballot as follows: 

Shall the City Clerk of the City of La Salle be appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the City Council rather than elected by the Citizens of the City of La Salle? 

What Does it Mean if I Vote Yes: 

Voting yes to the referendum question indicates your preference for the City Clerk to be appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the City Council.   

What Does it Mean if I Vote No: 

Voting no indicates your preference for the City Clerk to remain an elected position.   The current City Clerk has two years left in her term but has publicly announced she will not run in 2021.  

Below are some informational points to consider prior to voting on this important question.   

  • An appointed Clerk is not unique.  Many Illinois municipalities have appointed Clerks. (ex. Naperville, Downer's Grove, Wheaton) 
  • Illinois State Statute has minimal requirements that must be met in order to run for public municipal office, none of which require specific education or experience. 
  • The duties of the City Clerk are critical and if neglected can cause major issues for a City, therefore having a candidate with the proper credentials is vital. 
  • The City Clerk in La Salle also serves as the Freedom of Information Officer (FOIA) which has very specific guidelines and requirements that must be respected. 
  • Unlike some other communities where the City Clerk has additional staff to assist with the many duties associated with the office, the City Clerk in La Salle is presently a one person position.   Therefore, the Clerk in La Salle must have excellent time management and organizational skills in addition to general knowledge of the functions of City Government. 
  • With an elected four year term, it can be difficult to find an individual willing to invest the necessary time and effort to train and master the skills needed to excel in this challenging position with the knowledge that the elected official could be voted out at the end of the term. 
  • If the position were by appointment, there would be the potential for a competitive hiring process, including background checks and a thorough vetting of qualifications, including the potential for an extensive interview process with a goal to hire the most qualified individual.   
  • In 2013 no individual initially ran for the La Salle City Clerk position.  The current City Clerk was then elected as a write-in candidate.   In 2017, the current City Clerk ran and was elected unopposed.   The current City Clerk's term ends in 2021.  
  • Again, the current City Clerk has publicly announced that she will not run in 2021. 
  • The current City Clerk is now and will remain a non-voting position in City government. 

VOTE APRIL 2, 2019