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Storm Ready Community

StormReady National Weather ServiceThe LaSalle Fire and Emergency services are responsible for all aspects of severe weather alerting in the city. In 2000, the City of LaSalle was designated by the National Weather Service as a Storm Ready Community. Under this designation, the city had to meet strict criteria in regards to the city`s ability to receive severe weather information and its ability to disseminate critical weather information to the public promptly. The following projects were undertaken to meet the Storm Ready criteria:

  • Upgrade of all City outdoor warning sirens: the monthly testing of indoor and outdoor warning systems.
  • The implementation of an indoor warning system for high hazard occupancies such as day care centers, nursing homes, schools and target risk industries in the city.
  • The use of technology such as weather computers to receive timely information from the National Weather Service to disseminate to the public.
  • A written comprehensive severe weather operational plan as required by the weather service along with awareness training for all park and recreation employees as well as all coaching staffs for city baseball and softball leagues.
  • All members of the department have extensive severe weather spotter training.

The department continues to be evaluated by the National Weather Service every three years to ensure that all aspects of National Weather Service Storm Ready criteria are met.

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