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Public Works - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact the city to remove fallen branches from my yard?

Yes, contact the City at 815-223-3755 and 815-223-6344 with your name, address and the location of the branch(es) to be removed. The branches must be at the curb or the alley (the crews cannot remove branches from private property) and be no longer than 6 (six) foot in length. You will receive a bill from the city for $10.00 (the first 15 minutes) and .75 every minute after the first 15. The city cannot remove trunks or stumps and cannot trim your trees. Contact a tree-removal service for this type of work.

Where can I dispose of household hazardous wastes?

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency schedules household hazardous waste pickup annually.

Who is responsible for opening blocked sewers?

To report a blocked sewer during regular business hours contact (815)223-3755. Evenings or weekends contact the non-emergency Police Department number (815)223-2131.

What do I do in the event of flooding?

Click here for a renter’s and homeowner’s guide to flooding