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City Clerk Carrie Brown
Phone: (815) 223-0077 
Fax: (815) 223-9508

The City Clerk office is located directly to the left as you walk inside the door on Second Street.

Office hours are Monday thru Friday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

What We Do

The City Clerk is elected for a four-year term and serves as liaison between the public and the Mayor and Council members. A primary function of the office is to maintain complete records and ensure that all public information is accessible.

  • Maintain custody of the City's public records, including certification, indexing, filing, and destruction.
  • Attend meetings of the City Council and keep records and minutes as required.
  • Attest to, publish, or post ordinances and resolutions.
  • Prepares City Council agenda packets, including coordinating and reviewing agenda material, finalizing agendas, and overseeing distribution of the packets.
  • Performs follow-up activities resulting from Council meetings, including transcribing and distributing minutes, ensuring that resolutions and ordinances are in proper format and notarized, tracking committee and commission actions, and preparing letters of acceptance or rejection.
  • Administers oath of office for City Council and Commissioners and maintains custody of the official city seal.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Requests for information or public records may be made in the following manner:

1.    The request must be submitted in writing. Requests will be accepted by mail, personal delivery, fax, or email.  The Freedom of Information Request Form is available for download (to the right) for your convenience, but is not required.  Verbal FOIA requests will not be accepted.

2.    Requests should be directed to the following individual:
Carrie Brown, FOIA Officer
Office of the City Clerk, LaSalle City Hall
745 Second Street
LaSalle, IL 61301
(815) 223-0077
3.    You must indicate whether you have a “commercial purpose” in your request.

4.    The written request must specify the records requested to be disclosed for inspection or to be copied. If the request includes certification of records, that must be specified as well.

5.    Reimbursement for actual costs of reproducing and certifying (if requested) the records will be charged as follows:
  • There is a $1.00 charge for each certification of records.
  • There is no charge for the first fifty (50) pages of black and white text, either letter or legal size.
  • There is a $0.15 per page charge for copied records in excess of 50 pages.
  • The actual copying cost of color copies and other sized copies will be charged.
6.    If the records are kept in electronic format, you may request a specific format and they will be so provided, if feasible. If not feasible, they will be provided either in the electronic format in which they are kept, and you will be required to pay the actual cost of the medium only (i.e., CD, DVD, etc.), or in paper as you select.

7.    The Clerk’s office will respond to a written request within five (5) business days after the request is received. That time period may be extended for an additional five (5) business days from the original date under certain circumstances, as provided by the Freedom of Information Act. If additional time is needed, the City Clerk must notify the requestor in writing within five (5) business days after the receipt of the request of the statutory reasons for the extension, and when the requested information will be produced. If both the requestor and the Clerk agree, the deadline to respond may be extended beyond the ten (10) days. This agreement must be in writing.

8.    Records may be inspected or copied. If inspected, an employee must be present throughout the inspection.

9.    The place and times where the records will be available are as follows:
Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Office of the City Clerk, LaSalle City Hall
The schedule may vary based on the availability of the FOIA Officer/City Clerk.

Public Records
The Freedom of Information Act defines what types of records are “public records” and the exceptions to public disclosure. The following is a list of types or categories of records under our control.  It is provided to aid people in obtaining access to public records.

1.    Monthly Financial Statements
2.    Operating Budgets
3.    Minutes of City Council meetings
4.    City Ordinances

Updates to this Policy
The City Clerk will update the information in this policy from time to time. This update will not require Council approval unless a change to the policy is made.

Relationship to Other City Policies
This policy is part of the City’s overall policy structure and should be interpreted in conjunction with other existing policies. Copies of all City policies are available upon request from a City staff member.

These rules may be supplemented, altered, added to or changed by the LaSalle City Council at its discretion.

Elected Representatives

County Representatives

Mike Kasap -- 923 Marquette St., LaSalle, IL 61301 (815) 223-8360
Joseph Savitch -- 545 Baker Avenue LaSalle, IL 61301 (815) 223-7622

State Representatives

Questions or Comments?

We consider our residents to be a vital part of our City. It is only through your feedback that we may determine if we are meeting the needs of our community. Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have by phone at (815) 223-0077, by fax at (815) 223-9508, or by email at