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Changing Garbage Services Q & A

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LRS Garbage Contract Q & A


Q. What are the changes to my garbage service?

A. The City of La Salle is changing garbage providers on Jan. 30 to Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS). Every resident will now be given two 95-gallon containers, one for garbage and one for recycling. When placed out to the curb, the handles should face your home and away from the street. Recycling will now be picked up every other week. Visit for a recycling schedule to learn which week your home will be serviced. Your garbage service day should remain the same. Neighborhoods with a service date change will be those south of St. Vincent’s Cemetery that were picked up on Tuesday, will now be picked up on Wednesdays.

Q. Can I use my own cans?

A. No, unfortunately, no garbage company would have accepted our route in its current form. The larger bins have become the modernization of the industry and reflect similar changes that all of our neighboring communities have gone through.

Q. Can I get a smaller bin?

A. No, under this contract we all have to use the same size bins. While we understand this size can seem large for certain homes, we think once you’re able to use the bin you will find that they are much easier to move due to wheels on the bottom which allow you to “tilt and push” the bin to the curb. If you do not produce much waste, it will become even easier to use and less straining on the back when compared to lifting smaller bins.

Q. Where am I supposed to put this, it does not fit where my old bin currently sits?

A. The bins are weatherproof and can be kept outside on the side or behind your house if they will not fit in the garage.

Q. What do I do with my current bin?

A. Your current bin is owner-owned and you can keep it or attach a note on it that says, “Please dispose of me” and place out to the curb in the first few weeks of garbage pickup and LRS will dispose of it.

Q. Do I get to keep this bin?

A. No, these bins must stay with the property if you move out. These bins are purchased through a contract with the City and not individual homeowners.

Q. Can I request an additional bin?

A. You can get another bin at an extra $5 cost per month for either garbage or recycling.

Q. What if I don’t recycle, can I return my recycling bin?

A. Your recycling bin can be returned by calling City Hall but it will not reflect a decrease in your garbage fee. Recycling is optional only.

Q. Will the garbage fee increase?

A. Yes, your garbage fee will now be $20 a month in 2023, which reflects similar costs in other communities. La Salle residents were the beneficiaries of an older contract which was reflected in the price. In the same way that everyday costs have gone up over the past decade such as bread and milk, so too has the cost of garbage service.

Q. Is yard waste pick up the same?

A. No, this service was not continued due to low participation. The City has seen success with its current drop off site near Oakwood Cemetery and will introduce a new drop-off site in the near future.

SITE 1: City of La Salle Yard Waste Drop-Off Site- Residents traveling east on U.S. 6 can take a left onto Troy Grove Blacktop then take the first left

SITE 2: City of La Salle Public Works Building (LRS BINS)-146 Industrial Drive Open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays

Leaf pickup and branch pickup remain unaffected.

Q. What do I do with my appliances?

A. Appliance pickup is now offered at a cost of $27.50. Arrangements must be made through LRS by email at or call 309-586-4410.