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Garbage Disposal


Full details on the City's garbage disposal process can be found at


Branch Pickup

Contact the City directly to schedule branch pickup at 815-223-3755  There is a $10 charge for the first 15 minutes of branch pickup plus .75 per minute for each minute beyond the initial 15 minutes.

Branches must be no longer than 6’ in length and 3” in diameter.  Branches should be neatly stacked curbside.  No branch pickup can be made in alleys.  The city cannot remove tree trunks or stumps or branches larger than described above.  

Leaf Collection

Burning of yard waste in residential zoned areas is prohibited. City leaf pickup begins in October and ends in late November.  Exact start and end dates vary from year to year based on weather.

The schedule for the city leaf vacuum is as follows:

  • Monday- Households located north of 11th St and East of St Vincents Ave
  • Tuesday & Wednesday - Households located north of 11th St and West of St Vincents Ave
  • Thursday- Households located south of 11th St and West of St Vincents Ave
  • Friday – Households located south of 11th St and east of St Vincents Ave & all households east of the Little Vermillion River


Any dwelling which is designed for or occupied by four or more families shall provide, on the premises, a dumpster.  All garbage is to be placed in that dumpster.  The landlord shall arrange for collection with a private hauler.

Parking After 3" Snowfall

It is unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street in the City Limits at any time after 24 hours have elapsed following a snowfall of three inches (3") or more until the snow and ice on the public street has been plowed from curb to curb.  

Ay vehicle parked in violation of this order is subject to be towed.  Any person violating this Ordinance shall be subject to a fine of $25.00.

Branch Pick-up

Contact the City at 815-223-3755 or 815-223-6344 with your name, address and the location of the branches to be removed.  The branches must be at the curb or the alley (the crews cannot remove branches from private property) and can be no longer than 6 (six) feet in length or 3" in diameter.   Please place smaller branches and twigs in a container/box for easier pick-up.   You will receive a bill from the City for $10.00 (the first 15 minutes) and .75 cents every minute after the first 15 minutes. The City cannot remove trunks or stumps and cannot trim your trees. Contact a tree service for this type of work.  


City Building Inspector: Andy Bacidore

To request an inspection by phone contact (815) 223-3755 ext. 5020, you may leave a voice-mail with a call-back number, the address of the property to be inspected, and the permit number. The inspector will contact you with available times. Generally you should allow 72 hours from date of request to an inspection.

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